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The Course Choice program will enable families to choose publicly-funded course offerings that best match each student’s abilities and needs beginning in the 2013-14 school year. The Course Choice program will expand academic course options for all Louisiana students who want to enhance their academic performance and job readiness. The program will provide Louisiana’s students the educational opportunities they need and deserve that will grow our state’s economy, create new jobs, and best position Louisiana’s families, businesses, and communities for success in the 21st century and beyond.

The Course Choice program will:

• give students and their parents/caregivers unprecedented choice in developing personal educational pathways;

• provide innovative career and technical education courses, internships and apprenticeships that will prepare students for the types of jobs Louisiana needs filled by Louisiana graduates in order for the state to prosper;

• motivate students to graduate high school on time or early, many with college credits to prepare them for post-secondary academic and career success; and

• help students who are behind their class level catch up and graduate on time.

Course Choice will help Louisiana students achieve ambitious academic and job readiness personal goals, while contributing to the Louisiana Believes goal of preparing our students to obtain post-secondary degrees or graduate workforce-ready for high-quality, high-paying 21st Century jobs.

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Online High School Courses Enrollment
Reaching Every Teacher’s vision is to provide highly effective instruction that will engage students in the learning process and therefore positively impact student achievement. We believe all students can learn and we are committed to improving the quality of education in Louisiana for all learners. 
We are Louisiana teachers who are committed to educating our youth. Our guiding purpose is to improve education for student success for all learners! Working with Louisiana students everyday, we understand how important these courses are for student success. 

​Reaching Every Teacher is driven by the understanding that all students learn differently. Students will have access to learning materials 24/7 and can individualize their learning experiences while still mastering course objectives.  
Language translation will also be available. 
Students with approved IEPs and 504 accommodation plans will be provided with accommodations as deemed possible in the online environment. Students with disabilities will be provided resources from our Learning Management System or other online sources to accommodate their disability.
When you take our classes online, you'll find that it doesn't take as long. Instead of sitting in class every day, you'll be able to go online anytime that works best for you (24/7), read the lesson, and do the assignment at your own pace. Each course is endorsed by the LDOE and created to be completed in 1 semester for a full one credit course or 9 weeks for a ½ credit. This flexibility will allow each student to complete needed courses in less time while still receiving a quality education. In addition, teaching your class will be a certified, highly qualified Louisiana teacher. Sign up today before classes fill up for our 2012-2013 school year!

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