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Growing with Art is a visual arts program, delivered in preschools by qualified professionals, dedicated to engaging and empowering children by helping them discover the creative process. Our approach fosters creativity in students and encourages the development of critical thinking and motor skills. Motivating and engaging children in art, stimulates memory, facilitates understanding, enhances symbolic communication, promotes relationships, and provides an avenue for building confidence. Let us inspire your child to reach beyond and explore art. 
Watch their imaginations soar!

Our Program

Growing with Art introduces young children to a variety of materials and basic art concepts such as color, line, shape and texture. Each lesson will be about a famous artist while teaching students beginning drawing, painting and sculpture. Students will be encouraged to use their own creativity and self-expression to learn and apply basic art skills to create various works of art. They will explore common art concepts including the color wheel, pattern in art and the use of space and depth while enjoying stories and music about each artist. Using creativity and fun, this summer course will introduce children to an exciting world of art and all its possibilities!

Class Instructors

All of our course instructors are master teachers. Our lead teacher is an experienced art teacher certified in K-12 Art, as well as holding a Masters and Specialist in Art Education.


Classes will be held at your daycare once a week for 45 minutes at a cost of 
$35 per child per month. We will be accepting children 2+ years old and up. Details for each class schedule will be sent home with your child once students are registered


Registration is open   Just fill 
out the registration form or register online. Payments
 can be made at the beginning
 of each month by check
 payable to 
Reaching Every Teacher
 or by credit card online 

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